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        OUR STORY
        YUNG HSIN HANG were established in 1977 in Taiwan. With high quality, Competitive price and fresh creativity ! Our product range including diary, memo pad, notebook, note cards, letter set, photo album, file folder, wall calendar, planner, address book, drawing pad, wrapping paper, coaster, playing cards and back to school items. Our determination and effort wins firm and reliable reputation in the stationery industry.
        Not only creating presentation collections under our own logo, OEM service for customers is also our focus. Whatever designs you require, YUNG HSIN HANG can fulfill your wishes. It is our pleasure to have this chance to convey our complete concepts to you. We hope to serve you in future with our excellent ideas and rapid services.
        Our success is based on the committed approach with which we implement our corporate mission - the focus of all our activities on one key area: STATIONERY. We have thus created a category that bears our own name. Our unique position within the market-place has afforded us many years of success. This is the strategic foundation on which our company's success is built - today and in the future.
        We are certified with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). License Code is FSC-C102263 and Certificate Code is BV-COC-003751. We can provide compliant products with regard to your request.
        Our products represent the ultimate in image transfer from the screen to the real world. We turn animated heroes into real-life stars you can actually take home with you. Our future is to develope and design more amazing stationery items for daily use. Consumers are usually looking for a specific character or motif on a specific product and will find it at any popular shop for giftionery - powered by Yung Hsin Hang Stationery Co., Ltd.
        We have assisted to do customer's licensed production for many years. Those license we've done here include Disney,Universal Studios,Simpson, Peter Rabbit, Looney Tunes Animals, Peanut..etc. We are quite proud of the great job we completed and we'll develop more fancy items for customer's license need.
        "Our products make people happy! " That's one important factor that we are so proud of our job. We keep doing our job and please the children as well as adult market. Fancy ideas within the creation bring us great fun. Just go and move forward! YUNG HSIN, MOVING WITH YOU!
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